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Office Massage

Inner Wolf Massage offers a healing massage service to hard-working offices during working hours.
Our therapists have over 30 years of cumulative experience and are fully qualified & insured in different types of massage treatments (see Treatments offered page for a breakdown).

– Just 20-30 minutes of a massage can relieve back pain and reduce stress.
– It helps employees be more conscious of their posture and physicality at work, which increases their performance and quality of life.
– Improves circulation and blood flow throughout the body.
– It can be a real pick-up and a great boost to mood and morale.

The stress-relieving soothing results of a massage in the office have brought many positive changes in our clients’ overall health and wellbeing.

Some companies like to contribute to the massages either by paying for all or some of the cost as a treat, incentive, or reward for their workforce but others are happy for us to simply arrive and work independently, booking directly with their employees.

We have many years of experience massaging clients in their workplaces including offices, at music festivals and events, VIP and actors on film sets, famous musicians, professional poker players in the middle of high-stake games.

We understand that working at a desk is physically demanding and even with the most ergonomic and posture-friendly office furniture, the stresses and tensions of modern life, especially in an office environment means that many hardworking people accumulate tension and discomfort, which can lead to a great many other health problems.
We usually massage in a quiet and private area of the office, using a massage chair or table. Back, neck, and shoulder massage can even be given fully clothed at a desk or any working environment and tailored depending on a client’s requirements.
Be warned, the natural buzz of being tension-free can be addictive.